How To Tell When You Need Your Gutters Replaced

How To Tell When You Need Your Gutters Replaced

How To Tell When You Need Your Gutters Replaced.

Our gutters serve an important to the performance of our home’s roofing system. It drains water from the roof and onto the ground so the roof does not become damaged. While this is great, the gutters themselves can become damaged over time, which will case needed replacements. But how can you tell when you need your gutters replaced? Find out below when you need your gutter replaced.

Cracked Gutters

This is a big sign and a clear indicator that you need to replace your gutters. Cracked gutters are worthless because they won’t be able to perform their job properly, which will lead to necessary replacements.

Gutters Are Separating

The gutters aren’t able to do their job if they are pulling apart, so when this happens, you can bet you will need a gutter replacement quick.

Sagging and Pulling Gutters

Are the gutters sagging from the weight of all the water is has carried? Is the gutter pulling away from the actual roof? This is a big red flag. This should never happen if your gutters are in perfect condition, so if your gutters look like this, get a replacement stat.

Peeling Paint

Believe it or not, your gutters can mess with the exterior walls of your home. When the gutters are pulling away from the roof, it can cause the water to leak onto the wall, which can peel the paint on the walls. Get a replacement ASAP!

Water Damage

This doesn’t just include the exterior walls. Water damage can affect the soffit, fascia, and other components of your roof when your gutter is damaged. Get a new one to ensure you prevent water damage.

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