Tile Roofing

If you are wanting a roof that will last for a century with virtually no maintenance required, then tile roofing is for you. Popular for thousands of years, tile has remained such a tried and true roofing material because of how well it works. Often handmade using natural materials, these thick blocks can endure severe storms and resist fire, mold, and insects. The only downsides of this great great roofing material are its high cost and heavy weight. If you are interested in tile roof repair or installation in San Antonio, TX, call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 610-8558 today.

Tile Vs Shingle Roof

Tile and shingles look similar and are installed in similar ways, with stacks of the materials being stacked on top of each other to create a thick and durable layer of protection for your roof. But that is really where the comparisons end between the two roofing systems. The two most well known roofing systems, tile and shingles are very different and their drastic diversions need to be taken into consideration when considering which roof you would like to install for your home.

Tile Roofing

A Tile Roof on Your Home Can Bring a New Feel and Style.


  • Lasts from 50 to 100 years
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Durable and won’t get damaged from heavy storms
  • Resistant to mildew and is waterproof
  • Very energy efficient
  • Extremely heavy, weighing anywhere from 600 to 1,000 pounds per square
  • One of the most expensive roofing options available
  • Fire, mold, and insect resistant


  • Lasts from 20 to 40 years
  • Requires more maintenance
  • Shingles can break or blow off in heavy storms
  • Prone to mildew and water damage
  • Not very energy efficient
  • Lightweight, weighing anywhere from 250 to 500 pounds per square
  • The cheapest roofing option available
  • Not fire, mold, or insect resistant

Clay Tile

Clay Tile Roofing

The material with what tiles were first made out of, and still used today, clay has proven how durable it is for thousands of years. Handcrafted, no two tile roofs made out of clay will ever be the same. While this is great for individuality, it can be a little bit of a hassle trying to get a replacement tile or two should you need repairs. But having a unique roof like no other not only increases your curb appeal, but helps to boost your property value as well. Because of the exclusive craftsmanship, clay tile roofing is expensive upfront, but it quickly pays for itself over its 100 year lifespan. B & W Roofing and Construction provides clay tile roof installation in San Antonio, TX when you call us at (210) 610-8558.

Is a Clay Tile Roof Right For You?

There are numerous perks to getting a clay tile roof installed. These include outstanding durability, as the roof can endure to storms, moss, insects, and even fire during its eighty to one hundred year lifespan. Clay tile roofing are also considered green roofing systems as they are handmade with natural recyclable products that do not release any negative emissions into the air. Clay tile is also the most luxurious tile roofing option out of all four tile options because it is handmade, therefore raising its cost because of it being more luxurious.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Installation

Tile Roofing With a Beautiful Sky Background

Ceramic Tiles Come in Many Different Colors to Suit Your Style Preferences.

Looking almost identical to clay tile, but weighing and costing less than than its predecessor, ceramic tile is a great alternative to homeowners who are wanting a slightly lower maintenance tile roof. Since ceramic tile is manufactured and not handmade, this makes them both more lightweight and less expensive as the materials are not as premium and exclusive. You can tell ceramic and clay tile apart by their appearances, as ceramic tile comes with a glossy coating to make it appear smoother and shinier. If you are wanting ceramic tile installation for your San Antonio, TX roof, B & W Roofing and Construction is the roofing company to contact at (210) 610-8558.

Ceramic Tile Roof Repair

Lasting almost as long as a clay tile roof, when properly installed and maintained, ceramic tile roofing will last 80 years! Great for both commercial and residential roofs as it is lighter weight, ceramic tile is resistant to all weather including fire, fungi, and insects. There is a wide range of colors to choose from, and you can get your ceramic tiles customized into many different shapes and styles like scallops, barrels, flat squares, or circles.

Concrete Tile

Concrete Tile Roof Installation

The most affordable tile roofing option, concrete is unfortunately also the heaviest. Made of low cost materials like sand, water, and cement, these materials are then crafted into tiles. Just like how real cement is extremely heavy, the same will apply to these concrete tile molds. There are lightweight concrete roof tile molds starting to be invented that are cutting down the weight of these 820 pound per square tiles drastically. Concrete tile roofs are very durable and don’t absorb sunlight, helping to keep your roof cool. Call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 610-8558 to schedule an appointment for concrete tile roof repair in San Antonio, TX today.

Pros and Cons of Roofing Tile Cement

A Gray Clay Tile Roofing System

Tile Roofing Lasts Far Longer Than Asphalt Shingles. Some Tile Systems Last Over 100 Years!


  • The cheapest tile roofing selection
  • Doesn’t crack in freezing weather like clay tile can potentially do
  • Lasts twice as long as shingle roofs
  • Is a closer duplicate to real clay tile than synthetic tile is
  • Extremely durable and energy efficient


  • The heaviest tile roofing selection
  • Absorbs more water than other tile types and can produce mold
  • Has the shortest lifespan of all the tile roofing options of only 50 years
  • Its artificial color fades over time

Spanish Tile

Spanish Roof Tile

While most tile roofs are the flat shingle shape, barrel shapes available in numerous colors are available. These are known are Spanish tile roofs. Spanish tile roofing materials are coveted for their beauty, but are often times improperly installed because of how unconventional and rare they are seen on American roofs and many roofers don’t have experience handling these tricky tile shapes. For accurate and professional installation or repair of a Spanish tile roof in San Antonio, TX, call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 610-8558.

How Long Do Spanish Tile Roofs Last?

If properly installed, you can expect a Spanish clay tile roof to last a minimum of 70 years. If improperly installed or the homeowner neglects maintaining the roof, the lifespan of the Spanish tile is dramatically reduced. While the barrel shapes are good for insulation and energy efficiency as the hot air rises and is released, the rounded shape of the tile does have some drawbacks. Where as with a flat tile, debris doesn’t get stuck in the crevices as much, leaves are prone to getting wedged in between the curves of the barrels of a Spanish tile roof. A clay Spanish tile roof is also more susceptible to water damage like mold, algae, roof rot, and leaks as rainwater gets trapped under the barrel tiles, which doesn’t happen in flat tile roofs.

Call Us Today For Tile Roof Repair or Installation

If you are willing to make the investment in tile roofing, you will be reaping the benefits of a low maintenance yet extremely durable and energy efficient roof for a century! Lasting almost 4 times as long as an asphalt shingle roof, a tile roof pays for itself over its lifespan. You can’t say the same for a shingle roof, as you’ll be losing money with constant repairs. Just remember to get yearly roof inspections to ensure everything is okay and that you don’t need tile roof repair in San Antonio, TX. Call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 610-8558 for tile roof installation today!