Synthetic Slate

Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic Slate Roofing Is a Beautiful Addition to Your Home.

Are you looking for a roof with style, quality, and at a good price? Then maybe synthetic slate roofing is the right material for you. Slate can be very expensive and although it is beautiful on your roof, the price to replace it if something gets damaged can be a painful pill to swallow. Fortunately, there is a material called synthetic slate. It creates the same appeal that slate roofing does for a fraction of the cost. It also has even more added benefits than natural slate roofing has. The ride for synthetic roofing materials has grown and it is easy to see why. If you think that you may want synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio, TX, give us a call at (210) 610-8558 and we can help you decide if this type of roofing is right for you and your roof. Our experts in roofing have the experience that will make your roof installation easy and painless. We understand that investing in a new roof is a big decision that is why here at B & W Roofing and Construction, we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Why Is Synthetic Right for You?

Traditional slate roofing is one of the best quality products out there in regards to roofing, but when the price tag is too high, you can still achieve that same look for half the price of the traditional slate material. Synthetic slate can last over 50 years on your roof, and although does not last as long as regular slate roofing, it does come with its own great benefits. Synthetic slate is lightweight and can be installed easily in a similar fashion to regular shingle roofing. It is also incredibly durable and will provide you with a class-A fire rating just like the traditional stuff. It looks virtually the same on your roof that slate roofing does and won’t be able to be distinguished from one another unless a roofing professional is looking at it. With all of these benefits, synthetic slate roofing could be for you.

Let Us Install It for You

When you are looking for an unbeatable product for a great price, this material will be able to hold up to your standards. Let our experienced roofers take care of your home with the quality that you deserve. If you think that synthetic slate roofing in San Antonio, TX is right for you, then call us today at (210) 610-8558 and let’s get your new roof on your home!