Soffit and Fascia Roof Repair

Soffit and Fascia

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Hiring a professional roofer is a great decision because you know the job is going to get done correctly, but even if you have a professional there to fix the problem, it helps to know more about your roof yourself. It is important to be semi-familiar with your roof so that you are never taken advantage of, and you can really understand what is going on with your roof. Here at B & W Roofing and Construction, we will make sure that you understand what is going on with your roof every step of the way. When you have a problem with your soffit and fascia on your roof, we will make sure that you are familiar with what we are talking about and how we plan to fix it. Each step of the way you will be involved so that you never feel like you don’t know what is happening in your own home. If you are looking for a soffit and fascia roof repair in San Antonio, TX, call us today at (210) 610-8558 to schedule an appointment time that works best for you.

What is Soffit?

The soffit is the underneath part of your roof eave that is exposed. Its main purpose is to help ventilate the attic and provide proper air circulation. Because of the location of the soffit, if the material becomes damaged, it can cause exposure to moisture and wreak havoc. Most times a soffit is made from vinyl, because it is water resistant, easy on a budget, and also helps to regulate temperatures throughout your attic.

What is Fascia?

The fascia is the finishing edge which connects to the rafters and where the gutters touch the roof. It is a buffer between the roof and everything else. It is there to protect against water damage as well. It adds a layer of style to your home as well, creating a smoother appearance on your roof.

These two work together to keep your roof working properly so when something is wrong with it, it is time to call out a professional. If you are in need of a soffit and fascia roof repair in San Antonio, TX, call us at (210) 610-8558 and let our certified experts in roofing repair help you today.