Impact Resistant Shingles

Shingle Roof

Hail Damage Can Destroy a Regular Shingle Roof.

When you live in an area that has pretty major weather changes, and most importantly, hail, it may be a good idea to think about upgrading your roof to impact resistant shingles. You shouldn’t have to fear if your roof will be severely damaged every time there is a major hail storm. When you have a professional install impact resistant shingles onto your roof, you become protected from the weather that rages outside and can really cause serious damage to your roof shingles. These shingles are designed with the weather in mind and are created to be flexible, durable, and strong. The investment you make in your roof is worth it if hail is common in your area. You will at least have peace of mind that if the weather turns bad that you won’t be paying for it tomorrow. When you want impact resistant shingles in San Antonio, TX, call us at (210) 610-8558 and let our team of professional roofers take care of you and your home.

Impact Resistant vs. Average Shingle Roof

Impact Resistant Shingles

Don’t Let Hail Ruin Your Roof, Get Impact Resistant Shingles.

The average shingle if hit with major force from the weather, can break or become damaged during a storm. They are made for impact from weather, but not large amounts at a time. This is where the impact resistant shingles will come in handy. They are created to withstand the heavy hitters like large hail. An average shingle, if broken or fractured, can potentially let water and moisture into your roofing system causing mold and damage that can be hefty in price to fix. Also because these shingles are not built for high impact, they can become dented and even if they do not break, they will make your roof look beaten up and unattractive. Impact resistant shingles were built specifically to stay solid when hit by hail. Their flexible material gives a cushion not only to withstand the shock of being hit by hail but, to flex back out and not leave ugly scarring all over your roof.

There are many reasons why impact resistant shingles in San Antonio, TX could work for you. If you need help deciding if they are the right choice or you have questions or concerns, call us at (210) 610-8558 today to speak to someone about impact resistant shingles.