Roof Coatings

Do you have a commercial flat roof in need of extensive repair? Are you looking for a more affordable way to give your commercial building the protection it needs, without the hassle of replacing your entire roof? B & W Roofing and Construction is happy to inform our clients about our various roof coating options!

Benefits of Choosing Roof Coating

Commercial Roof Coating

A Roof Coating Is a Reliable, Cost-Effective Option for Commercial Roofs! Get an Estimate Today for Your Business.

A roof coating is a great way to protect your roof without the lengthy and expensive process of re-roofing. Below are some of the benefits available with this roofing option!

  • This cost-effective method adds 20 – 25 years of reliability to an existing roof.
  • An eco-friendly option, this method does not require the removal and disposal of your current roof.
  • Highly reflective roof coatings offer UV protection, increases energy efficiency in your building, and lower energy bills.
  • Easy to install, these coatings are compatible with almost any commercial roof.
  • Completely watertight, these coatings do not leak, even in cases of standing or pooling water.
  • And more!

Choosing Your Roof Coating

As you go about determining which coating product is right for you, start with establishing your functional priorities. Are you looking for better protection against pooling water, or do you prefer to pursue energy savings first? Here’s a little guide to help you know what may work best for your business.


When this is applied to your roof, it begins to reflect the sun from your roof material and bounces off UV rays, keeping your building cool, and saving you money on your electricity bill. This added plus also protects against the longevity of your roof while keeping it from wearing and tearing from solar UV rays. Acrylic coatings in San Antonio, TX apply seamlessly to your roof and can be applied to almost any roofing material. It looks great and stays looking great because it’s material does not allow for dirt to sit on top of it.

Silicone Coating

A Flat Roofing System in Need of a Silicone Coating

Silicone Roofing Offers Great Waterproofing Protection for Your Flat Roof!

Because of its reflective material, the sun is able to reflect off of the roof and in turn, the building does not absorb as much heat and keeps the building cooler. This will help reduce energy costs and lower your monthly energy bill.

When you call a contractor out to renew your roof, all you have to do is re-apply this material. Silicone coatings in San Antonio, TX won’t crack or chalk from UV radiation. This material bonds together and creates a seamless material that won’t give you any problems. Because of the bonding that silicone does, it becomes resistant to things like mold and mildew. This is incredibly helpful in a roofing material because it makes it so the maintenance is extremely limited.

Polyurea Coatings

Many roofs will be damaged by standing water. It seeps into the material and can damage the roof and whatever else is underneath it. This material can withstand standing water and (as a bonus) features slip protection. If you need to be on your roof for whatever reason, you will be less likely to fall and hurt yourself.

These San Antonio, TX polyurea coatings can be hybridized with other materials to produce better strength, intensive UV protection, or extra softness. Whatever need your roof needs, this coating can fill it. Polyurea coatings are great for a job that needs to be done quickly. Once the coating is applied, it dries almost instantly and does not have harmful vapors. This will ensure that your roof is up and running quickly, while also cuts down on application fees.

Elastomeric Coatings

A Contractor Prepares a Special Elastomeric Roof Coating

A Contractor Will Be Able to Provide You with All the Knowledge You Need for Your Roof.

Elastomeric roof coatings can be applied right over the top of your old roof and can be used throughout the year to keep your roof safe from any harm. It will adjust with every temperature, making sure never to crack or wear away from the weather. If you want more information on elastomeric roof coatings, call us at (210) 610-8558 and we can chat about pricing or any questions you may have about this product.

Elastomeric coatings can be tailored to just about any roofing material, including wood! After application, you’ll quickly gain enhanced waterproofing and UV ray protection. Find out more about our San Antonio, TX elastomeric coatings by talking with one of our restoration specialists.

Don’t Re-Roof, When You Can Re-Coat!

At B & W Roofing, we recommend roof coating to the majority of our commercial clients, because roof coatings are one of the most cost-effective and reliable roof options available for commercial roofs. Running a business can be expensive, but letting your flat roofing system go without repairs isn’t a good way to save money! Roof damage can become severe very quickly, and even damage the structure of your building. Roof coatings are effective at repairing damage, preventing future issues with your roof, and you can feel good while knowing these options won’t break the bank!

When you need commercial roof repair or roof coatings in San Antonio, TX, B & W Roofing and Construction is the roofing company you can depend on to provide quality and affordable service. Call today to see how we can assist you, at (210) 610-8558!