Commercial Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coating

A Roof Coating Is a Reliable, Cost-Effective Option for Commercial Roofs! Get an Estimate Today for Your Business.

If your commercial roof is looking worse for wear, don’t automatically go and get it replaced. You could get another 10 to 20 years out of your roof by applying restorative commercial roof coatings on top of your already-existing roof! This not only saves you time in the days your business would be without a roof during the replacement process, but thousands of dollars, as roof coatings only cost a few hundred dollars! For a fraction of the price, you are able to extend the life of your roof and have it last longer than the warranty on some original commercial roofs! B & W Roofing and Construction can apply restorative commercial roof coatings in San Antonio, TX when you call us at (210) 849-8025 today.

When Should You Use Restorative Commercial Roof Coating Systems?

Since commercial flat roof coatings are applied over existing roofs, they can be coated onto roofs at any time. A lot of commercial building owners opt to get a preventative roof coating when they first get their roof installed and another every decade or so to help prolong the life of their roof.  The good thing about commercial roof coatings is that they can be layered on top of each other and are lightweight and won’t weigh your roof down. This means that you can continually apply coatings over the years to help preserve your roof!

Elastomeric Roof Contractor

Elastomeric Roof

A Contractor Prepares a Special Elastomeric Roof Coating

A Contractor Will Be Able to Provide You with All the Knowledge You Need for Your Roof.

Where other roof coatings just sit on top of your commercial roof, an elastomeric roof coating stretches and forms to completely adhere to curve to create a seamless coating. Unlike many other coatings that have to be applied in strictly set temperatures, elastomeric roof coatings can be applied in any weather, climate, or temperature because their durable and stretchy membrane quickly adjusts. While elastomeric roofing only lasts 10 years, it can be reapplied on top of itself to help continue to extend the life of your roof. For elastomeric roof coating installation in San Antonio, TX, call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025 today.

Benefits of Elastomeric Roofing

Elastomeric roof coatings differ from all other roof coatings in that it can be made with 4 different bases that provide different benefits depending on what roof the coating is being applied to. An elastomeric roof made out of butyl, acrylic, polyurethane goes great on flat roofs like built up, modified bitumen, or asphalt shingles. Silicone elastomeric roof paint goes best for foam roofs. No matter what base is used with an elastomeric roof, you can expect versatility, adaptability, longevity, and reflectivity. Every type of elastomeric roof coating is also fungi resistant, seamless, waterproof, eco-friendly, and nontoxic.

Polyurea Roof Contractor

Polyurea Roof Coating

Polyurea Roof Contractor

A Roof Coating can Make Your Roof Last Longer Than Ever.

Unlike other roof coatings where one layer is all that is applied, polyurea roof coating systems can continually be built up on top of each other until the desired level of thickness, waterproofness, and slip resistant adhesiveness is achieved. Another benefit of a polyurea coating is that it can be applied in any type of weather, climate, and temperature unlike a lot of other water-based coatings that can only be applied above 50 degrees. This allows for a broader installation time frame without having to feel rushed. If you are interested in getting a polyurea coating for your San Antonio, TX roof, call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025 today.

How Does Polyurea Roofing Work?

Not only is a polyurea roof coating slip resistant, it is also chemical resistant! Its seamless and elastic membrane is strong enough to withstand tears, abrasions, environmental and weather damage, and rusting. Able to stretch to 1200% its length without tearing, polyurea roofing also dries quickly which helps to cut down on installation fees and reduces the risk of tears. Basically, a polyurea coating has all the best benefits of every other roof coating combined into one!

Silicone Roof Contractor

Silicone Roof Coating

A Flat Roofing System in Need of a Silicone Coating

Silicone Roofing Offers Great Waterproofing Protection for Your Flat Roof!

If you live in a hot climate, you know how beneficial cooling roof coatings are to your commercial roof. These reflective roof coatings help to cool down your building and prevent sun damage to your roof, helping it last longer. The best roof coating for a hot climate is a silicone roof coating, as it thrives off of humidity. If your roof could benefit from a silicone roof coating in San Antonio, TX, call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025 today for installation.

Is a Silicone Roof Sealant Right For You?

Silicone roof coatings stand out from other roof coating types not only because it is made with a different base, but also because of the results that that base brings- both good and bad. While other roof coatings are made with a water base, silicone roof coatings are made with a silicone base. The silicone provides great benefits like being waterproof, aging extremely well, and having superb energy reflectivity and helping to reduce energy bills up to 35%. The downsides to a silicone roof sealant is that the silicone base makes the roof coating very slippery to walk on, which can result in injuries. Also, the silicone sealant is so strong that it is hard to adhere, meaning that when it comes time for a recoating, the previous silicone coating must be completely removed or another perfectly compatible silicone sealant has to be applied on top of it.

Acrylic Roof Contractor

Acrylic Roof

acrylic roof contractor

Acrylic Roofing Will Last a Long Time on Your Business Without Any Worries.

If you are wanting an cost effective roof coating with various color options, acrylic roofing systems are a great choice. Versatile, cost effective price, and providing many other benefits, it is easy to see why acrylic roofing coatings are the most in demand of all roofing coating types. Reflective and water resistant, acrylic roofing coatings are labeled as cool roof products thanks to their eco-friendly materials. Unfortunately, acrylic roofing systems have a water base and can freeze in cold temperatures, which means that application processes are harder. For a roof coating that has no chemicals and is eco-friendly, an acrylic roof coating for your San Antonio, TX roof is a great choice. Contact B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025 for application today.

Acrylic Vs Silicone Roof Coating

Often compared with another popular roof coating type called silicone, acrylic roof coatings have many of the same qualities that all roof coatings do, but the different base materials of the two coatings make them widely different and allows them to offer unique advantages and disadvantages.


  • Can only be applied in temperatures above 50 degrees due to its water based coating that can freeze in cold temperatures and affect correct installation
  • Thick coating reflects sunlight and is UV resistant
  • Easy to apply and repair
  • Waterproof coating is resistant to dirt


  • Made of a slippery, waterproof silicone base
  • When it comes time for recoats, the previous silicone base has to be removed for a new application
  • Extremely reflective
  • Ages very well

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Silicone Roof

A Smooth Look With Unbeatable Protection.

Whether you are looking to restore your commercial roof or prevent damages from occuring to your newly installed roof, B & W Roofing and Construction has got you covered with commercial roof coatings in San Antonio, TX! A commercial roof coating costs less than half of what a roof replacement job costs, and the results last longer. Not only will you get better energy efficiency, but you will get a longer lifespan out of your roof, with up to 20 more years’ use! Call (210) 849-8025 today to set up an appointment for installation or application of commercial roof coatings.