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Flat Roof Materials

Flat Roof

We Provide Commercial Flat Roof Repair and Replacement Throughout San Antonio, TX.

Due to the size of many commercial buildings, flat roofs are more practical than a traditional pitched or sloped roof. Although it is called a flat roof, it actually has a very low slope, requiring skilled installation. Due to their design, flat roofs are prone to water damage due to ponding and poor drainage. Not only can this lead to leaks, it can cause your roof to age and deteriorate faster.

Two of the most popular types of multi-layered flat roofing systems are built up roofing and modified bitumen.

Built Up Roofing

Built up roofing has been around for over a hundred years, utilizing a simple combination of felt, tar, and gravel (or mineral tops). It provides great weather protection and simple installation. Built up roofing also features waterproofing capabilities for your commercial building. It’s special blend of materials helps keep your maintenance costs down. Learn more about the benefits of our built up roofing in San Antonio, TX by talking with one of our commercial specialists.

Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen on the other hand, offers fantastic resistance to puncturing and tearing. The material is very flexible, which is especially important as it expands and contracts with seasonal changes. With professional modified bitumen installation in San Antonio, TX, you can expect great seam protection as well.

This roof type is made of a membrane derived from asphalt, along with a base mat that will be spread over the roof in rolls. Typically heated and welded together, the seams can also be stuck together using cold-applied adhesive methods. Traditional asphalt is made from the natural material, bitumen. The bitumen is blended with a mix of rubber modifiers and solvents, creating a very viscous, sticky and water resistant material.

Single Ply Systems

Manufacturing companies have done a great job of developing efficient systems through single ply membranes. These rolls of lightweight, durable material are often made of rubbers and plastics, such as EPDM and TPO roofing. They can be installed in several ways and provide excellent durability and waterproofing. Some even help make your roof energy efficient with highly reflective surfaces that do not absorb heat like old asphalt roofs. The most popular single ply materials that we service include:

PVC Roofing

This roofing system is incredibly sturdy and offers great protection from weather and time. Keeping your office safe and secure has never been easier with this PVC roofing. This material is not only long lasting and durable, it offers a short installation process. You’ll save on material and labor costs as a result of our simple San Antonio, TX pvc roofing installation service.

TPO Membranes

Workers Installing TPO Rubber Roofing Membrane

White TPO Membranes Provide Your Building with Excellent UV Protection.

Available in a variety of colors and styles, a TPO roof can be applied to most commercial building styles! While the white colored option is most efficient, all TPO roofs are UV resistant, which means they can keep your roof cooler in the hot Texas sun! This roofing material is also very reliable under stress, such as extreme weather conditions (including resistance to hail damage)! On top of it all, you can anticipate a short waiting time during your San Antonio, TX TPO roofing installation.

EPDM Rubberized Roofing

This rubber roofing option comes with a variety of benefits.

  • EPDM has been used for around 40 years for low slope roofing
  • Resistant to extreme heat and extreme cold
  • When properly installed and maintained, will still perform like new after 30 years
  • Withstands UV damage
  • Will not deteriorate
  • Available in large sheets, for fewer seams
  • Available in white, for maximum light reflection

There are 3 different ways an EPDM roof can be installed: fully adhered, mechanically attached, or traditionally ballasted. With any of the three methods, the seams are sealed with a specially formulated adhesive or tape, to ensure waterproofing.

The fully adhered method is applied using panels that measure 30 ft x 100 feet and are manually attached using mechanical fasteners and adhesion. This method is lightweight, applicable to many roof types, and popular for very large jobs due to the large panel sizes. 

The mechanically attached method involves the use of is similar to the fully adhered method in the fact that it is also lightweight and applicable to many roof styles and sizes.

The traditional ballast method is low cost, but more time consuming and not a valid option for all roof types. This style is the heaviest and is typically recommended for roofing newly constructed buildings. A common ballast will have a layer of rock or concrete over the top. No matter what method you decide on for your San Antonio, TX EPDM roofing, make sure you rely on an expert to install it for you!

Vulcanized Rubber

If you are a commercial business and need to redo your roof, it can be a lengthy process. With vulcanized rubber however, there is no need to worry about that. If you have an already damaged roof, the rubber can be installed right over the top to mend the trauma.

Repairs with this rubber material are quick and easy. Vulcanized rubber does not decay or get brittle, so there is little need for repair. If the roofing is somehow damaged, all that has to be done is a power wash and a respray of the material. It’s that easy! Ask about getting your estimate for vulcanized rubber roofing in San Antonio, TX!

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Don’t trust just anyone to install or repair your flat roof. After all, improper roof work could lead to even more problems and costly repairs. When you need a flat roof in San Antonio, TX, choose B & W Roofing and Construction for all your commercial roofing services. We will ensure that your roof is installed with precision and care to prevent leaks and other problems. Our roofers are committed to your complete satisfaction! Call us today at (210) 610-8558 for commercial flat roof repair in San Antonio, TX!