How Leak Detection Works

A Picture of a Hand Holding a Thermal Imager

There Are Several Types of Leak Detection Equipment

One of the most annoying things that can happen in your home is when there is a leak. Leaks can happen for many reasons–your water heater is rusted, your gutters are clogged, your faucets have too much water pressure, or one of your appliances is malfunctioning. Whenever there you notice water leaks in home, the first thing you want to do is call a professional for a water leak test. But what is a leak test? A leak test is when a professional technician, plumber, or roofer checks to see if there are leaks in your home. There are many ways in which these experts are able to find water leak in home, and that’s with leak detection equipment.

Leak detection equipment comes in many different types for roofing and plumbing inspection, such as video camera, hydrostatic pressure tests, electronic listening devices, and digital devices. With these kinds of systems and devices, they are able to tell where the leak is and then fix it. Whether you have a leak or leakage, leak detection equipment will locate it. For people who are wanting to find the water leaks then and there, they might want to know “How do you check for a water leak?” Since water leaks in home can show up in different areas, there are many ways to find a water leak, with some explanations of how below.

How Do I Find a Leak in My Ceiling?

A Picture of Water Damage On a Ceiling

Finding a Ceiling Leak Can Be Hard, But it is Possible By Going into the Attic.

When it comes to water leaks in home, the most common place the leaks is the roof. There are several reasons why a roof might leak, either it been damaged by a storm, it hasn’t had roof maintenance in a while, or it’s an older roof that has general wear and tears. When the roof is leaking, the place where you will notice the leak first is on the ceiling. If you have water leaks in home, you may ask yourself, “how can I find a leak in my house?” The best way to find a leak that is causing water damage to your ceiling is by going into the attic. You will want to go up there with a flashlight and take a look around the attic. The perfect time to do this is after it rains–if the roof is leaking, it will be more apparent after it rains.

The first area of the attic that you will want to take a look at the rafters and roof decking where your ceiling is wet. If you spot any water spots or stains on the rafters or roof decking, you will want to follow those to where they are highest on the rafters or roof decking. Once you have found the highest point of the leaks, you will want to measure the roof peak down to where the highest point of the leak is. After the roof has had time to dry, you can take those measurements to the roof and determine where the leak is located. You can even attempt to see if you can find where the leak might’ve formed. If this seems like a lot to find a leak in the ceiling, you can always call a professional roofer for help.

Reasons Why a Roof Leaks

When a roof leaks, you might be wracking your brain wondering how it could even happen. The truth is, a roof can leak for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons why a roof might be leaking are

  • There is a buildup of leaves, twigs, and other debris that is absorbing moisture and causing the roof to leak.
  • Your roof flashing is made of cement and is starting to wear or the flashing is made of metal and its corroding.
  • The gutters haven’t been cleaned in a while, so there are clogs. Since the gutter is clogged, the water from the gutter flows onto the roof.
  • A severe storm has hit your city and the damage has affected your roof.
  • Your roofing system is over 20 years old.
  • Your roof is missing sections of shingles.

The best way to tell if any of these things have happened to your roof is by getting help from a professional and licensed roofer.

Is a Water Leak Covered By Homeowners Insurance?

Roofs that are dealing with leaks can be very stressful, which is why many homeowners turn to their insurance companies for help. Depending on how the roof leaks have formed is going to depend on whether your insurance provider will cover the cost of roof repairs or a replacement. When a roof leak is caused by a severe storm like wind, hail, or a tree falling onto your roof, an insurance company will be able to cover the cost. However, an insurance company will not cover the cost of roof leaks if their insurance adjuster finds that leaks emerged due to lack of maintenance. It is important that if you want to avoid water leaks in home, you need to invest in good roof maintenance. Another thing you can do is get gutter services in San Antonio, TX! Gutters are a big part of why a roof can leak, so if you think your gutters need to be maintained, you can contact the roofers at B & W Roofing and Construction by dialing (210) 849-8025!

Your New Home Inspection Checklist

Inspecting the Plumbing in a New Home

A Full Inspection of Your Property Should Definitely Include Your Plumbing!

Are you getting ready to close on a new house? There are quite a few systems to inspect, aren’t there? With so many parts to consider, it’s easy for some important details to fall through the cracks and surprise you when you move in later. That’s why creating a new home checklist is essential! Whether you’re a first time homeowner or a first time renter, we have some helpful tips to get you started. After reading through, you should have the tools you need to navigate the transition like a pro! Let’s get started.

What to Do When Moving Into a New House

First off, you should always schedule an assessment of the property before closing on a house. New home inspections are serious business. According to HomeAdvisor, the average home inspection typically runs about $326. It’s certainly worth the expense however, as you will uncover any damages to the property that the current homeowners may or may not have been aware of.


What is Included in a Typical Home Inspection?

Utilities, for starters. That involves internal plumbing systems, HVAC, and electrical, but it does not include gas lines (usually). You will have to schedule a separate gas inspection, but you may negotiate this with the seller as part of the sale.

A home inspection also includes structural elements: walls, ceilings, basement, roofing, roof supports, and the attic (if applicable). Finally, crucial design elements are addressed, such as windows, doors, and flooring.

Common Problems in a Home Inspection

  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Degraded roofing
  • Damaged plumbing system
  • Poor ventilation

The most serious threats to your house typically involve electrical problems, roofing faults, and plumbing issues. We begin with electrical, because it has a direct impact on your family’s safety. Wiring malfunctions have been known to cause so many house fires, and you don’t want to lose your home to a preventable electrical problem.

Roofing and plumbing degradation both can leave your home with serious water damage if left unaddressed. That’s why you can typically negotiate these costs out of the seller’s asking price. Just make sure these issues are dealt with in a timely manner. While we’re on that subject…

What to Do After Moving Into a New House

Moving Boxes and an Unhappy Dog

Once You’ve Moved in, There are Still Many Items to Mark Off Your New Home Checklist!

First, any damage that was left over after you closed on the house should be addressed first. Priority should go to electrical systems, roofing, gas, then plumbing. You’ll also want to take care of any HVAC issues so that you feel comfortable as you transition into the new living space. If your home previously suffered from plumbing malfunctions, you’ll want to keep an eye open for water damages and mold growth. Make sure to take a note of where the water main and fuse box are located!

Once utilities are back up and running, there are several other items to check off your list. One important element that many homeowners forget is water quality. If the previous owners utilized a special filter for their drinking water (or for the whole house), you’ll want to find out why. Some local businesses will provide free water testing for your home which you can take advantage of.

Another key item to check off that list is a pest assessment. If the previous owners don’t have the paperwork from their last extermination, it would be wise to schedule a quick checkup.

Moving Into First House Checklist

  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Plumbing/Gas
  • Damage Check
  • Water Quality
  • Pest Control

Apartments: What is a Routine Inspection?

Be Sure to Have Your Water Tested for Contaminants. If You’re a Renter, Ask for Documentation.

A routine inspection is scheduled by the apartment complex to ensure the safety and good condition of the property. The owning company should provide a notice well in advance of the inspection to give the tenant time to organize and clean. If you’ve been informed of an upcoming inspection, you’ll want to make sure the apartment is tidied up before the day of.

You can even perform your own inspection to make sure that all your appliances and furnishings are in proper order. You may find that the property owner needs to perform some maintenance. If that’s the case, it’s best to keep an itemized list.

What Should You Look for When Inspecting an Apartment?

Whether the complex is performing a routine inspection or you’re getting ready to move, it helps to have a detailed inspection list. You’ll want to check each room separately and write down the condition of the apartment. This way, the apartment complex won’t accidentally blame you for any damage that was already present. There are plenty of helpful tools online to choose from, including this new home checklist.

You’ll be examining almost everything, including the listed below:

Moving Inspection Checklist

  • Appliances (fridge, dishwasher, stove, etc.)
  • Doors and locks
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Lights
  • Ceilings
  • Tub and/or shower

Schedule Your Roof Inspection and Repair!

Have you crossed roof inspection and repair off your new home checklist? If not, our team at B & W Roofing and Construction would love to provide your roofing service! You can learn more about our company by calling us at (210) 849-8025.

What Can a Roof Coating Do For You?

Man Doing Roof Coating

Coat Your Roof For Extra Protection.

Your roof is the biggest investment that you will make in your home or building. If your roof isn’t working properly, nothing else will be going smoothly inside. This is why you need to take the best care of your roof as possible. If you take care of your roof, it will take care of you and it will last a lot longer. One of the ways you can take care of your roof is to get a roof coating application done. You can also have a roof inspection to see if there is any damage and if so, have it repaired. You may not think about your roof very often, but we suggest doing the work beforehand and then it is all taken care of and you won’t have to worry about it again for a while.

4 Ways To Protect Your Roof

Roof coating – getting a roof coating can protect your roof sometimes 10 years longer than it was supposed to last. It can also help with rust and waterproofing.

Inspection – You should have a roof inspection done once a year to keep your roof in the best shape possible.

Roof Repair – If you find that you need a roof repair, have it fixed right away so that the problem does not spread and get worse.

Impact Resistant Shingles – Impact resistant shingles are thicker so they help to keep your roof safe from things like hail damage.

When you need roof coating services in San Antonio, TX, call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025.

When Your Tree Causes Roof Damage

While the trees in your yard offer beauty and depth to your home, they also pose great damage risks during storms and harsh weather. Tree branches often break due to high winds and thick snow and can cause hundreds of dollars in damages when they fall on the roof. In fact, trees are the number one cause of serious storm damage like:

We Provide Quick, Effective Tree Removal and Roof Repair.

Trees Can Cause Major Damage to Your Home. Let Our Experts Help!

  • Holes
  • Material Damage
  • Water Ponding
  • Cave-ins

Keeping your trees healthy and sturdy can minimize the risk and danger of falling trees. It’s also a good idea to keep them trimmed in a manner so they don’t hand over your home or roof system.

Repairing Damages

If a tree has fallen on your home, the first step is emergency tree removal. This should always be completed by a professional in order to minimize damage and cost. Once the tree has been removed, a roofing professional can assess your damage, provide emergency roof repairs, and help with insurance claims. Emergency roof repairs typically consist of tarping the open area to prevent water, animals, and other damaging effects from entering the damaged spot. Once the insurance claim has been filed and your options have been explained, the long-term repairs can begin.

Local Roofing Experts

When you have tree damage on your San Antonio, TX roof, the B & W Roofing and Construction experts are here to help. We provide a comprehensive inspection of your entire roofing system to ensure that all damage is identified to be repaired efficiently and effectively. We will discuss your options so you are sure of what to expect, and we can even help you choose the perfect roof material for the roofing system of your dreams. Don’t trust your home’s roof to just anyone. Call the B & W Roofing and Construction experts at (210) 849-8025 to discuss your emergency tree repair options.

Reasons You Need Storm Damage Repair for Your Roof

Storm Damage Roof

If You Have a Storm Damage Roof, It’s Important To Get Professional Storm Damage Repair.

If a severe storm has passed through your city, there is a strong chance that your roof has been affected. While the signs might not be obvious, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to boil to the surface. A lot of people assume that if the damage isn’t too critical, they can wait. We are here to tell you that waiting until your roof is too far gone is a bad idea. The reasons you need storm damage repair for your roof is that it will keep your roof in better condition and prepare your roof for the next storm that passes through. If you have a storm damaged roof that you think needs repairs, please get professional service right away. Not only is storm damage repair for your roof a good idea, but investing in rain damage cleanup is also a good idea. Keep your property and roof in great shape with the necessary services.

Signs You Have Storm Damage On Your Roof

As stated before, sometimes it can be hard to determine whether you have a storm damage roof or not. However, there are signs that indicate that you might have a storm damage roof. These signs are for those who don’t feel comfortable getting on their roof to check.

  • You’ve noticed dents and cracks in your gutters.
  • There are broken tree limbs and branches in your yard.
  • The paint on your interior walls is peeling.
  • You’ve noticed that your energy bills have increased.
  • There are various leaks in your attic.
  • Patio furniture has been scattered across your lawn.

If you need roof storm damage repair in San Antonio, TX call B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025!

When Do I Need Soffit Repair?

Keeping your roof at its best may be a little more in-depth than you thought. Your roofing system is made up of many parts, not only the top. Your soffit plays a huge role in your roofing systems health, keeping your home ventilated while protecting it from different issues such as bugs, UV damage, water damage and more. To keep your home and roof at their best, it is just as important to check out your soffit when you get the chance. They may require repair. How can you tell? Look out for the following signs of issues and what they may represent.


Keeping Your Soffit At Their Best Will Ensure Your Roof Stays Healthy.

Signs Of Damage

  • Warping and Discoloration – Warping of the boards and discoloration may be caused by a few factors, including UV rays and water damage. If you notice any slight issues such as these, getting service can prevent excessive damage.
  • Cracks Along Your Soffit – As with any part of your roof, any missing paint or cracks in the material leave your roof open to further damage. Keep an eye out for paint chips and subtle cracks.
  • Poor Attic Ventilation – Your soffit actually helps with the way your home stays ventilated, allowing for a good flow of air while helping your property retain conditioned air. If your attic air is stale or not flowing well, you may need new soffit.
  • Critters and Pests – Invasive species, such as bugs, squirrels or rats, can try to make their home in your home, damaging the structure and allowing more pests in. Quality soffit can prevent this from happening.

Remember your soffit plays a big role in keeping your roof healthy and protected against water and pest damage. If you notice any of the signs above, getting service should be your next step. At B & W Roofing and Construction, we are always available to assist you and provide you with expert roofing repairs for your needs. To get started, give us a call today at (210) 849-8025 for your soffit repair in San Antonio, TX.

The Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic roofing is a relatively new invention in the roofing world, but it is so beneficial. Synthetic roofing is manufactured products that replicate premium, heavy, and expensive roofing systems like wood, slate, and tile. Synthetic roofing are much lighter, eco- friendly, and made out of rubber. One type of synthetic roofing is synthetic slate roofing.

Here are some benefits of synthetic slate roofing:


For Synthetic or Natural Slate Roofing Installation, Call Our Roofers Today

Natural slate is made from stone, with one slab of it weighing up to one ton per square foot on your roof. If your roof’s foundation cannot support the weight of natural slate, synthetic slate is significantly lighter, weighing about half as much as real slate.

More Affordable

Real slate is extremely expensive, which is why it is considered a premium roofing type. When roofs are made from natural products or last for 100 years like slate does, they cost more as installation and production cost more. Synthetic slate is made from rubber, a man made substance, where real slate is natural and can eventually run out.

Exact Match

If on of your slate tiles ever breaks and you have to repair it, you can never get an exact match as the stone was created by the earth and the mineral deposits formed a certain way. With synthetic slate, manufacturers can manipulate mineral deposits replicas to look a certain way so you can always get an exact match.

If you are interested in getting synthetic slate roofing for your home in San Antonio, TX, contact B & W Roofing and Construction at (210) 849-8025 today.

Keep Your Tile Roof At Its Best

Tile Roof

Keep Your Tile Roof Healthy with Regular Maintenance.

A tile roof is a beautiful addition to any home. It increases curb appeal and gives quality protection against damage. However, just as with any roofing material, it requires regular maintenance to stay in top shape. Having regular inspections can ensure your defenses are always ready for the next storm, but there are also some things you can do to keep your system healthy. We’ve compiled a small list of maintenance you can complete your tile roof. 

Tile Roof Maintenance

Keeping Tiles Clean – While these roofing materials are a beautiful addition to any home, one issue that you have to be careful of is algae growth. The best way to prevent this is by cleaning the tiles regularly. To do this, you may choose to use a pressure washer or handwash them. Using a pressure washer is efficient but you must be careful to aim the water indirectly at the tiles. If you handwash them, you can use a towel and simple solution of mild dish detergent and water.

Remove Debris – Debris can damage your tiles and allow water to collect along the surface, making it a hospitable environment for algae. It can then collect in your gutters, clogging them and preventing water from being carried away. Take care to remove any plant materials and debris that had been thrown onto your roofing system to prevent this from happening. Check your gutters for clogs and leaves, removing these as well.

Inspection and Repair – Finally, have a professional inspect and repair your tile roof. A roofer can identify any damaged tiles and hidden issues with your roof. From there they can replace broken tiles and repair any structural damage, restoring your roofing systems defenses and preventing further damage to your home.

B & W Roofing and Construction is always available to provide quality residential and commercial roofing services for you in San Antonio, TX. Call us at (210) 849-8025 today and get started on your tile roofing repair!

Lookout For These Roofing Problems When Buying a Home

Buying a new home can be a daunting task no matter what position you are in. There are so many things to look for, rules, regulations, it is overwhelming just writing about it. With all of those things to worry about, we are going to throw another one at you; roofing. When you are buying a home, whether it is 2 years or 20 years old, the roof is something you need to be paying attention to. This is because, homeowners often don’t have inspections done and look past roofing problems, especially when the house is soon not going to be their problem anymore.

Warning Signs

Owner Hesitation – If you ask the owner when the last time they had an inspection done on their roof and they kinda mumble something about a few summers ago and some useless knowledge about a gutter replacement…you should think about running or briskly walking to call an inspector out to make sure that roof is in good shape. When homeowners dance around the facts of their roof, they are probably hiding something.

Mold, missing shingles, lifting – Sometimes you can take a look at the roof from the ground and actually see a few problems. If you see any kind of mold, assume water damage until told not to be a professional. If you see missing shingles or lifting of shingles, it would be wise to ask the owner if they are willing to have those things fixed and have an inspection done. If not, that probably isn’t the home for you.

If any of these problems happen to you, you can always give us at B & W Roofing and Construction a call at (210) 849-8025 and we can send one of our roofers out to you right away.

Why You Need a Roof Inspection


Have Your Roof Inspected By The Best.

Roofing is something people often don’t think about on a daily basis or even a monthly basis. When it comes to your roof, you may think if you don’t see a problem, that maybe there isn’t one, but that isn’t always the case. A yearly roof inspection is recommended because it is important that we check up on our roofs and make sure that nothing has been damaged or needs a quick repair. Usually, there are either no problems or minor ones like a ripped up shingle or small tears. These problems may be small at the time, but if left untreated, they can turn into bigger problems, problems that can lead to roof replacement or major roof repairs. Think of a roof inspection like a trip to the doctor, you don’t always need to go because you are sick, sometimes you just want to make sure everything is working the right way and that you are healthy. The same concept goes towards roofing and making sure that your roof is protecting you the way that it should be.

Other Reasons For a Roof Repair

Warranty – When you get a new roof, they often come with warranties attached. The thing about these though, are that you usually have to have a roof inspection at least once a year to keep it valid. It may seem like an unnecessary cost to have to worry about every year, but you will be grateful when you need a major repair and your warranty covers all of it.

Peace of Mind – When you know that your roof is up to date, it is one less thing that you have to worry about. Roof problems can be overwhelming and frustrating, so when everything is the way it is supposed to be, you can rest a little easier at night.

If you do need a roof inspection, our roofers at B & W Roofing and Construction will be able to help you with no problems. Just give us a call at (210) 849-8025 and let us get you an appointment time that works best for you.