3 Reasons for Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof CoatingAs a commercial building owner, you should be aware of the many benefits of roof coatings. B & W Roofing offers roof coatings to residents of San Antonio, TX. If you are unsure about whether or not a coating is appropriate for your existing roof, consider these 3 reasons for roof coatings on commercial properties:

Energy Efficiency

Why is it that commercial owners end up spending a fortune on energy bills each summer? The answer is lack of energy efficiency. San Antonio summers can be very hot, and combating that with air conditioning can be a tall task. Cracks and seals in your roof are allowing excess heat inside the building, requiring greater exertion from your AC unit. Coatings alleviate this pressure by absorbing the heat from the sun and thus protecting your building’s interior from the excess.

Heat Protection

We just finished talking about the ability for roof coatings to absorb heat and prevent a spike in energy bills during the summer. This roof application actually has additional benefits regarding the heat. Most damage to commercial structures is caused by UV rays from the sun. Not only is your current roof not preventing heat from your building, but it is actually being slowly damaged, through cracks, splits, and decay. A fresh coat will make your roof as good as new and prevent future damage from sun rays.

Lifespan Extension

Depending on the age of your current roof, these applications can actually save you a lot of heartache and concern. Coatings have the potential to extend a lifespan for 20 to 25 years. Yes, that’s right; 25 years. Imagine the savings you will earn by avoiding roof replacement for another quarter century. Not to mention, the environmental impact that waste prevention has on our habitat. Call (210) 849-8025 for roof coatings in San Antonio, TX.