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The Benefits of Synthetic Slate Roofing

Synthetic roofing is a relatively new invention in the roofing world, but it is so beneficial. Synthetic roofing is manufactured products that replicate premium, heavy, and expensive roofing systems like wood, slate, and tile. Synthetic roofing are much lighter, eco- friendly, and made out of rubber. One type of synthetic roofing is synthetic slate roofing.

Here are some benefits of synthetic slate roofing:


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Natural slate is made from stone, with one slab of it weighing up to one ton per square foot on your roof. If your roof’s foundation cannot support the weight of natural slate, synthetic slate is significantly lighter, weighing about half as much as real slate.

More Affordable

Real slate is extremely expensive, which is why it is considered a premium roofing type. When roofs are made from natural products or last for 100 years like slate does, they cost more as installation and production cost more. Synthetic slate is made from rubber, a man made substance, where real slate is natural and can eventually run out.

Exact Match

If on of your slate tiles ever breaks and you have to repair it, you can never get an exact match as the stone was created by the earth and the mineral deposits formed a certain way. With synthetic slate, manufacturers can manipulate mineral deposits replicas to look a certain way so you can always get an exact match.

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