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Preparing For A Roof Claim

Roof Contractor

Roof contractors can inspect for damage and work with insurance companies.

Navigating through an insurance claim can be difficult. However, an experienced roof contractor can make the process a lot simpler. You maybe wondering what a roof claims process looks like. Here’s a basic understanding of how a roof claim works:

Contact A Roof Contractor

If you suspect roof damage, a roof contractor will be able to assess your roof for any damage and make a report of what needs repaired. Roof contractors also have experience dealing with insurance companies and adjusters. An experienced roofer will able to explain the need for certain repairs with the insurance company.

Call Your Insurance Company

It’s important to note that all policies are different, but most homeowners’ policies cover hail damage and certain types of storm damage. Make sure to look over your policy or contact your insurance agent to know for sure. You will need to set up a homeowner’ claim.

Adjuster Comes Out

After a claim has been made, the insurance company will send out an adjuster. Remember, you probably aren’t the only one dealing with roof damage. It may take awhile for an adjuster to come to your house during a busy season, but it’s better to contact the insurance company sooner than later. The adjuster will make an estimate based on his evaluation of the roof and may take the roofer’s assessment into account.

Insurance Company Finalizes Amount

The insurance company will determine the amount of money they are willing to pay for repairs and replacements. They will send you a check to pay the roof contractors to do the work.

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