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7 Indicators Your Roof Needs Replacement

You may not have noticed that your roof needed to be replaced eons ago. Just in case you missed any signs, here are some indicators to help you.


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  1. 1. It’s at least 20 years old. Since most roofs come with 20-year warranties, you may want to consider replacement if you’ve had it for any longer than 20 years.
    2. The shingles are in bad shape. It’s always a good idea to closely examine the shingles on your roof. If you notice that several of them look wet, stained, curled, bent, broken, or darker than normal, or are missing altogether, then they are in need of replacement.
    3. There are granules everywhere. If you begin seeing granules in your gutters, yard, and landscaping, they are most likely coming from your roof. When shingles start to deteriorate they break off into small pieces that look like sand.
    4. It’s leaking into your attic. Signs of water inside your attic after a rainstorm are usually an indicator. However, your roof can also leak light; if you can see inside your attic without a light, you might want to think about replacing your roof.
    5. If your roof is sagging, that is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced. This is usually caused by long-term water damage. A roof should be straight, so if you notice a dip, swag, or curve, it is sagging and needs to be replaced.
    6. Blistering or bubbling can be caused by debris build up, a non-properly ventilated attic, harsh exposure to sunlight, or even just simply the natural aging process. If the blisters break open, they can cause holes or pock marks.
    7. Your energy bills are rising. A roof should act as an insulator against heat and cold invading your home if it’s in good condition. If it’s in poor shape though, you’ll notice high utility bills This is most likely because your air conditioner or heater is to working harder to sustain a more enjoyable temperature.

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