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What To Look For When Checking For Hail Damage

Hail Damage Services From B&W Roofing

After An Inspection, Contact B&W Roofing For Hail Damage Assistance.

Identifying hail damage on your property may look easy – a quick look for accumulation or noticeable signs of damage, and you may think that’s all it takes. Depending on the severity of the storm, hail damage can accumulate on top of your commercial or residential roof, and overtime can start to chip and tear away at your roof, causing serious, severe damage that could call for a replacement.

So, what signs do you need to look out for to ensure that your roof sustains the threat?

Depending on your roof type, it can react differently to hail. Some roofs do not show signs, while others (i.e. shingles) start to chip away and can expose the structure if left untreated.

A few warning signs for hail damage in general:

  • Soft spots on the roof (sponge-like) or “dimples”
  • Pieces of the roofing structure in your yard or on your commercial property
  • Cracks, no matter the size
  • Water leaks within the building/home

If you see any troubling signs, or something does not look right to you after you inspect, it’s best to call a roofing professional from B&W Roofing to help assist – the sooner you notice and call, the easier the repair service will be! Hail damage is not to be taken lightly, you would not waste time if your vehicle or windows were damaged from hail, so do not wait on your roof.

Has your roof taken a hit after the latest storm? Don’t wait, it could end up costing you. Contact us (210) 849-8025 for hail damage services from B&W Roofing today!